Metrology and Monitoring

Metrology and Monitoring


The basis for the grid smartness, the flexibility management and services such as payment and pricing are sensors, metrology and monitoring solutions to retrieve, process and transmit state information, communication for secure exchange of data and secure and dynamic network management. PROGRESSUS WP4 focuses on the development of advanced current sensors, metrology and monitoring solutions as well as novel network management approaches to support secure management of decentralized infrastructure and services and to enable smart and secure energy management.

The Metrology and Monitoring objectives are:

  • To design and demonstrate high-bandwidth, high-efficient, small-sized and reduced-cost current sensors
  • To provide secure metering data transmissions by developing a data compression procedure based on a properly designed hardware solution that embeds data hiding and immunity over Man-in-the-Middle attacks
  • To develop a WSN with “plug-and-play” functionality with security modules, as well as with a management software
  • To develop secure elements that support decentralized approaches.
  • To design and implement a monitoring platform for appliances as power converters or charging stations with early failure prediction capabilities and highly secure communication layer
  • Development of a low power AC/DC converter for sensing systems’ applications
  • To develop innovative monitoring systems, able to capture different relevant parameters related to the PV panels and energy generation



This project has received funding from the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 876868. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Slovakia.”
The project has an overall budget of about 19.576 M€. The project will receive an ECSEL JU funding of some 5.785 M€ completed with national funding from – Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Slovakia.