Company Description:

Devolo AG is the European market leader today for Powerline communication (PLC) solutions with over 25 million sold PLC adapters and is an active member of several national and international standardization committees for the PLC technique. Furthermore, devolo AG develops and offers hardware and software solutions for access Powerline connections in smart grids. Our innovations are based on an extensive R&D group (45 % of the devolo AG employees) and a strong experience in regional, national and European public funded research projects.

Role and main tasks within the project:

Devolo will develop a tailored communication and IoT platform supporting power line communication with a high degree of resilience and security. This platform will also serve as a direct interface for a spectrum of sensors that can constantly monitor the network state in real time. Additionally, charging station will be able to communicate securely via the platform at virtually no communication for the communication path itself. Certificate and hardware based security will be an integral part of the platform design.
As use-case 1 leader in the PROGRESSUS project devolo will take care of organizational and planning matter as well as the overall management of the work package tasks.