Company Description:

Ceus UG (haftungsbeschränkt) – Development and production of energy storage systems and power electronics.

Role and main tasks within the project:

Within the scope of PROGRESSUS, Ceus has to combine its approach of the designing and integration process for a peak reduction system. The integration of power electronics, under thermal, mechanical and electrical aspects will result in a compact form of a charging station. A later feasibility should be included in the form of quality and standard assessments. The task packages can be divided into the following packages:
    • Mechanical integration, taking into account thermal, mechanical and electrical factors
    • housing design
    • Ensuring the maturity of hardware stalls
    • Modeling and construction of a simulation model for design analysis
    • Influence analysis of edge parameters
    • communication interface
    • Cell arrangement and contacting
    • security mechanisms
    • Preparation for CE compliant implementation
    • Documentation of the development
    • Evaluate environmental conditions
    • Customized battery electronics