Company Description:

Mixed Mode GmbH is a SME and has about 80 employees in R&D. In 2018, the turnover of Mixed Mode GmbH was 10,1 M Euro. The PIXEL group where Mixed Mode is a part of, has about 180 employees and had a total turnover of 19 M Euro in 2018. Mixed Mode's workflows are ISO 9001 certificated, which demands comprehending quality management in each project phase.
Mixed Mode is specialized in consulting and developing of embedded systems solutions and amassed its competence in a number of ambitious projects, in a range of sectors including industrial, automotive, telecommunication, semiconductor and medical. Its fields of activity consist of the whole systems engineering workflow starting from requirements analyses and ending at integration in the customer's environment, for both hard- and software.
Mixed Mode can offer state of the art knowledge since every employee is well trained in at least one of the following fields of knowledge: “Programmable Logic Architectures”, “System Engineering”, “Quality Management”, “Embedded Linux”, "Embedded Security", “Controller Architectures”, “Technologies of Real Time Operating Systems”, “Object orientated methods and processes”. Consulting and training of customers emphasize Mixed Modes skills. Mixed Mode has about 20 years of experience in projects within security applications. Contents of these projects were for example development of cash handling solutions, point-of-sales terminals, validation of cryptographic algorithm and development of security tools and consulting for security software development purposes.

Role and main tasks within the project:

Mixed Mode is project partner in PROGRESSUS and contributes in the following areas:
    • Wireless “plug and play” system
        ◦ Integration of security functions with secure elements
        ◦ Integration of control functions in the wireless sensor network to manage the microgrid
    • Energy management system:
        ◦ Integration of AI/ML functionality for self-organized microgrids
        ◦ Integration of blockchain methods for smart contracting


This project has received funding from the Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership Joint Undertaking under grant agreement No 876868. This Joint Undertaking receives support from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme and Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Slovakia.”
The project has an overall budget of about 19.576 M€. The project will receive an ECSEL JU funding of some 5.785 M€ completed with national funding from – Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and Slovakia.